Kenmart Investment is a 100% citizen owned company, incorporated in 2013 through Botswana laws. It has registered under No Co.2013/13250. Kenmart is a new establishment which supplies a variety of handcrafted antique furniture fittings and lights oriented to fit any office or home set up.

Our Mission:

We are committed to provide high quality products to our customers. Our focus is on creating value for our customers. Ultimately, we strive to become a leader in delivering the best timeless furniture products and help businesses and individuals to improving their
interior spaces.

Our Vision:

To be the business of choice recognized by our customers for our core values and provision of significant fixtures and professional growth. We will be the preeminent independent supplier of choice recognized by our customers as the best in total satisfaction and value.

Our values:

– Transparency
– Botho
– Fairness and Equity
– Partnership
– Loyalty



We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best amongst the rest, prices and quality

The company provides the following services;-Timeless Furniture i.e. office furniture, dining & sitting room furniture, bedroom furniture and Light fixtures.
-To carry on the business of supplying all different kinds of materials, equipment andaccessories.
-Interior consultancy.

Quality of Business:

The company seeks to build long lasting and strong mutual relationships, which enable intimate understanding of the nature, goals, needs, and culture of its clients. Kenmart follows its mandate and objectives.




Head Office: Tel: 3932833 | Fax: 3911103

Kenmart: Tel: 3907869 | Fax: 3190140

F/TOWN Kenmart: Tel; 2402318 | Fax: 2401612

F/TOWN Manyenga: Tel: 2401612 | Fax: 2401612